Official Contest Rules & Guidelines for Maneesh Jayachandran’s Giveaway

Official Contest Rules & Guidelines for Maneesh Jayachandran’s Giveaway

Giveaway Contest Rules Applicable for Facebook Contest of January 2020

I am giving away gifts in 2020 for my blog readers and followers. For this purpose, I have created a contest on Facebook and it is hosted at woorise. Please read the giveaway contest rules clearly before joining the contest. If you do not agree with the official rules or have not acted in compliance with the rules, you automatically may be disqualifed except under rare circumstances at the discretion of Maneesh Jayachandran. The same has been published at woorise as well as in malayalam at digitaltyke

giveaway contest rules of maneesh jayachandran's fb contest

Who Can Join Maneesh Jayachandran's Newyear Giveaway Contest 2020 ?

  1. Well almost any one with a facebook account are invited to join and participate in the contest to win exciting prize.
  2. All resident citizens of India are eligible to enter the Maneesh Jayachandran’s New Year 2020 Contest. Nonresident Indians can also join the contest and choose to receive the gifts to their kin’s address / bank account in India
  3. Entrants should have an active facebook account and have some connections with Maneesh Jayachandran’s Official Page ( Fan or Follower) to qualify for the prize.
    Entrants should provide the right answers to questions asked as a part of the contest at our contest page. This includes their contact details for us to contact them if they are chosen as winners.
  4. Entrants should be over the age of 18 for their entries to get qualified.
  5. Entrants should like the Maneesh Jayachandran Facebook Page as well as like , share and comment about any post you find interesting.
  6. All entrants should share a post about this contest in their facebook personal account. It should be accessible publicly. Entrants should make a minimum of one post about Maneesh Jayachandran’s New Year Giveaway 2020 contest tagging his page (not his private personal profile) and mention that you are participating in the contest and publish it in your (entrant’s) personal profile. Entrants who published highly interesting posts will stand a high chance to win. If you have shared about your contest experience and some enters the contest clicking the shared post of your’s, you get 5 more entries as credits.
  7. It is not mandatory that an entrant has to do all the social action. The social action increases his / her chances of winning the prize. Registering an entry at our contest page makes an entrant eligible for the contest. Social actions increase the chances.

What's the Maneesh Jayachandran's New Year Giveaway Contest Prize?

The Gift for winner is Cash Prize deposited to your UPI / BHIM or Google Pay account.

  1. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook. It is hosted at woorise platform where the winner is randomly chosen by the software.
  2. The contest closes on 31st January 2020.The maximum entries allowed in this contest is 500. Contest automatically closes when entries closes 500.

Know More about the Giveaway Contest Rules

 The official rules are publicly published at the following urls:

    1. Official Rules published in Facebook
    2. Official Rules published in Maneesh Jayachandran Blog

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