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The Future of SEO: Beyond Keywords and Backlinks

Transform your approach towards Modern SEO in the age of Generative AI and Voice Search.

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A brief introduction to the dynamic scene of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Search

Search Engines have made quite a big transformation from their humble beginning to the sophisticated AI versions of present day. They will continue to change taking cues from User Behaviour online and to quench the thirst for information of a normal searcher.

Chapter 2: Beyond Keywords

Chapter 3: The Fall of Backlinks

Chapter 4: Voice Search – The New Frontier

Chapter 5: The Rise of Visual Search

Chapter 6: Artificial Intelligence and SEO

Chapter 7: User Experience as an SEO Pillar

More Topics

Chapter 8: The Personalization of Search

Chapter 9: The Content Conundrum

Chapter 10: The Technical Side of SEO

Chapter 11: Building Brand Authority

Chapter 12: The Integration of Social Media

Chapter 13: Preparing for the Unpredictable

Chapter 14: Actionable SEO Strategies for the Future



Maneesh Jayachandran

The Author

Maneesh Jayachandran, a seasoned digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience, brings his insights and expertise to this debut book.

The Book

Dive into the cold waters of SEO with Maneesh Jayachandran’s latest book. Discover cutting-edge strategies and future-proof your digital marketing skills. Order now and be among the few to explore the evolving landscape of search engine optimization.

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I applaud the publication of your wonderful book on SEO. It's a good reminder to look on the Technical side of our daily challenges. I appreciated the thoroughness of your research. I particularly enjoyed your innovative approach to the problem. I will recommend this book to our digital marketing trainees. Thank you for sharing with me the gift that you have worked so hard to refine. I trust your book will soon be on the best seller list.👍
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