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CTR (Click Through Rate) is a percentage rate of people clicking your online advertisement after viewing it.

CTR Formula is CTR is equal to Clicks divided by impressions multiplied by hundred

CTR = Clicks divided by Impressions multiplied by 100

Ten clicks out of a hundred impressions would mean 10% CTR.

Marketers want a high click-through rate for any online campaigns intending to bring visitors to your website or mobile app. It is a measure of your ad performance.

What are the factors affecting CTR?

There is no specific answer to this question. There are several factors such as audiences and targeting, B2B or B2C campaign, branded or non-branded keywords, a keyword’s place in the search funnel, the creative messaging of an ad copy, its CTA, type of offer, display URL, images or design, competitiveness in the industry.

How much CTR is good enough for a digital advertising campaign?

Yet another common question we encounter in job interviews and client discussions. There is no specific answer. It depends upon the industry, time and campaign. Some keywords have a high CTR of up to 20 per cent while others hover around 1%.

How to Improve Your CTR?

Bid only on targeted keywords. Use only relevant keywords.

Find cost-effective keywords.

Use the best tools to closely align keywords with your ad text and the campaign landing page.

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